TeaTV for PC and Mac

TeaTV is designed for Android, but you can also use it on your Mac and PC. Download and install TeaTV for PC, Mac, and Laptop from our web. TeaTV plays and downloads multimedia files on your computer. It works as a multimedia player and downloader for your favorite movies and TV shows. Users can watch movies, TV series, mobile phones, and other multimedia genres.

   Download TeaTV For PC and MAC

The TeaTV Multimedia Player also allows you to stream movies and TV shows from other streaming services.  With this, you can enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere. Teatv is the best way to watch your favorite video content for free.  Television certainly provides an amazing viewing experience.

What is Teatv for Mac and PC?

Each piece of content found in the TEATV app is completely free and can be accessed by all users. Also, the list of contents is never-ending. There is no registration or sign-up process for this streaming app. Once installed, you can play your favorite show or movie directly. In addition to streaming videos, the TeaTV app also provides reviews, rankings, season details, and upcoming releases. Developers update the contents of the app regularly to provide unlimited entertainment to users. This app features subtitles in several languages.

It also provides the feature of downloading movies and TV shows to watch later in offline mode. This application features several resolutions, starting from 280p to 1080p. You can almost stream all their content in HD.


What’s new?

  • Support Subtitles
  • Multiple streaming links for each title
  • Chrome cast support
  • No sign-up or subscription is required
  • To choose a huge library of movies and TV shows
  • Regular updates with the latest movies and shows
  • The ability to stream in HD quality

Features of TeaTV for PC and Laptop

  • People can download videos from the download option and watch them offline for free.
  • TEATV updates the latest films, videos, TV shows, cartoons, drama, TV series, animation, scientific thrillers, sports, news, comedy, and related entertainment equipment.
  • The TETV app provides the user with their regional languages to watch their favorite movies and videos.
  • TeaTV is a huge set of PC-based films and TV shows that can be run for free in high quality at up to 1080p.
  • Users can also download videos with the option of stopping and restarting.
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  • There are a lot of films and TV series available in this single application that are popular with movie lovers.
  • Supports TEATV MX Player and VLC Player for PC.
  • It’s completely free; there’s no need to sign in to the app.

How do I download Teatv for Mac and PC?

The latest version of the TEATV APK supports all Mac computers running the latest MacOSX version. To download the TEATV DMG file on your Mac, follow these steps:

  • Make sure to download TEATV for Mac from our website.
  • Now go to your MacBook or IMAC and open the file
  • It will automatically start installing the DMG file.
  • Once you can see the TEATV app icon on your screen,
  • Drag and drop this TeaTV app onto your Mac dock.


Teatv has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it popular with groups of all ages. You will easily find the best content options in the app.TEATV comes with a highly powerful internal video player feature that stimulates great-quality videos as well as screen control.