TeaTv: Best Movie Streaming App

TeaTV APK is a streaming application that offers fun options for movie, TV show, and entertainment fans. It has a vast library that provides a wide range of films and TV shows. Tea TV is entirely free to use the movie application.

Tea TV APK is easy to use with a fantastic user interface. Download Tea TV APK and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your Android device. Tea TV is a fantastic app that provides movies and shows. Users can watch their favorite movies without disturbing ads—with the ability to convert the quality to 1080p or even 4K.

APP Name TeaTV
Version 10.7.8r
App Size 11.1MB
Supported Devices Android, PC and iOS
Root Required Not Root Required
Last Updated  1 Hour Ago
More customized options, tools, and accessories with unlimited help In addition to the ability to make favorites and playlists, use this app offline without logging in. If you enjoy watching movies, TV shows, sports, or direct TV, download the latest Teatv APK 2024 for free. The TeaTV app has a straightforward user interface. The size of the APK file is also tiny, so you can quickly and easily share it with your friends.

It has a variety of materials available. Users can find shows and movies from all different genres, so I’m sure you will enjoy watching them. You will find this tea on TV whether you are looking for a comedy, drama, or action-filled movie

The TeaTv app has powerful streaming applications specifically designed for Android devices. You can also access your laptop and your iPhone device. This satellite is the best alternative to television or traditional cable. Another big thing about tea TV is that it is straightforward to use. You can easily find the content you want to see on TeaTV, so you can spend more time looking and less time searching.

Features of TeaTV:

  • Free to use

This app is free for everyone and does not need to be downloaded or installed on Android or iOS. TV shows, movies, games, or direct TV features are free to use. This app only has advertisements for manipulation, which you should not bother with. You can still use an ad blocker, but it’s good to help the developer by placing ads all around.

  • Different types of movies

That will bring you a vast collection of movies with countless attractive films. Choose your favorite film content to watch. The application includes thousands of genders. There are many genres of passion, love, or action movies if you are a fan of mobile phone movies.

  • Download and View Offline

Users can download TV shows or movies they want to see later and then play them offline. TEATV uses your phone storage to store video files, so be careful only to download a few things, or you will fill your phone’s storage very soon as HD files are large.

  • There is no sign-up.

The TEATV app does not require any login or signup. Users can start watching their favorite video content directly after they open this app.

  • No advertisement

Users can use the Teatv APK without Android and enjoy watching all TV shows without any pop-up advertising. Such as pocket TV, red box TV, and other movie applications. Users can choose the appropriate quality based on their device’s internet connection speed.

  • No root

You will not need to root out your phone when you download the latest version of Teatv APK for Android. Also, use the application without a login or account.

  • 100 % secure app

In this app, you can be assured of the complete safety of your data. This is a reliable app, so get on your device without safety problems.

  • Recreation

The choice of the Tea TV app is excellent. Bring the contents of entertainment.

Teatv APK is an online streaming app that is effectively connected to Android devices.

Teatv APK facilitates user access to the diverse rows of television programs. Users can easily stream or download movies and web series according to their preferred standards and shapes.

  • Full HD Quality

This fantastic app feature allows you to stream all your favorite content in full HD resolution. With this feature, you can take the content from 360p to 720p and from 1080p. Therefore, the high-quality content ensures that you will experience it without interruption.

  • Direct television

Teatv allows users to watch their favorite direct TV channels on the go. Usually, to directly watch TV, you have to sit in front of your cable television remote, but this feature provides you with access to these live channels on your Android or iOS smartphone. You can launch the app now and enjoy your show. This app has hundreds of media, such as cartoons, science, news, sports, drama, humor, etc.

  •  Adjusted API

The latest version of Tea Tv APK download comes with the required integration system and an adjusted API system to immediately find the content needed. There is no doubt that this app is just a fantastic streaming platform for enjoying sports, news, modern broadcasts, and access to the multipurpose channel. In addition, well-adjusted options in the filtering shape and search bar help users find their desires without wasting hours and get the required content in seconds.

The 5 Best TeaTV Alternatives for Firestick and Android:

  • Fmovies

Nevertheless, there are several promotions on the Fmovies interface, yet they do not have the most problems if you click on them. Here, you can shorten the category and country and release a year-based film. Under each rating, FMVSE has a large number of movies as well as a TV collection.

Do not require entry or any login. The matter is remarkable because you will not compete with any popup below. If you are looking for a high-quality movie website from TeaTV, give Fmovies an effort, and at the same time, you are never likely to see more.

  • MovieNinja

MovieNinja has a valuable and attractive interface on its home page. Most contents are divided into parts and categories. Users can stream all the equipment without singing, and you see some ads on the site but not popups.

Tea TV, an advertising-free app, has a significant category of television shows, movies, and various genres. This request is necessary for people who enjoy watching movies and TV shows. We hope you can now download the app for your computer.

  • MoviezWap

MoviezWap is also a good name on the best list of Tate TV replacements. It offers many films and TV shows to visitors. They only allow you to access their content after you sign up. There is an exemplary interface in the movie Zoop. The site database is divided into parts and categories.

  • Yify TV

There is another option for Yify TV to watch films online on TEA TV, which has no entry. If you are looking for a TEA TV option to check TV shows, YIFY TV provides a practical experience for clients. Its user interface is free from promotions, and when you attack the playcatch to watch the movie of your choice, there is no disturbing popup. If you need to add a few frequently with films and TVs, observe each on YIFY.

  • Cinema HD

There is no name in this list that is inferior to Cinema HD APK. In reality, it’s one of the most well-known apps in the OTT market. Movies, anime, web series, and much more may be streamed. As the name implies, you will only be able to stream HD resolution for all of the material. You may download all of the stuff, even in Cartoon HD, and view it whenever you’d like. The app offers everything, including the ability to stream movies and other entertainment.

How to install the TeaTV APK?

  1. Click on the provided download link within the article.
  2. Initiate the download by clicking “Download” and waiting briefly.
  3. Once the download is done, access your device settings.
  4. Enable “unknown sources” in your device settings to grant installation permission.
  5. Locate and open the downloaded “teatv” file.
  6. A notification will appear, asking for permission to install the app.
  7. Confirm by selecting “yes.”
  8. The installation will start within seconds.
  9. Allow a moment for the installation to complete.
  10. Now installation is successful on your device
  11. Open the app and enjoy viewing your favorite content for free.

How to download TeaTV from the Google Play Store?

TeaTV APK is not available at the Play Store. You can download it from trusted third party sources.This APK is available on our website. You can directly download it from our website.

How to download and install TeaTV on iOS?

  • Just go to the Apple Store.
  • Click on the search bar and search for TeaTV iOS.
  • Click on the download button on our website.
  • Wait for downloading and installation.
  • Enjoy the TeaTV APK.

Key Features:

  • The application is 100% safe from malware and insects.
  • This app is easy to use, so it does not require a login.
  • This application has millions of shows, movies, and documentary films you can see anytime. Hence, you are unlikely to be bored, as this application provides a vast catalog for its users.
  • This app is completely free and user-friendly.
  • It is straightforward to use apps like TeaTV, but the basic question is safe. This app is used on the Android platform, so it is secure.
  • This app can choose between Hollywood and Bollywood films to watch, as it provides two types of selection.
  • Direct TV can be viewed on this app, as it provides many explicit shows on popular demand.
  • This app supports teatv for Chrome Cast, Firestick, and Fire TV.
  • Direct TV can be viewed on this app, as it provides many explicit shows on popular demand.


  • TETV is 100% virus-free. That way, you can download and install it without any doubt. If there is doubt, you can scan this application using an anti-virus before installing it on your device.
  • It is the fastest and easiest way to find and discover movies, actors, and shows.
  • Discover the available categories or find what you want through a built-in search tool.
  • Teatv APK is made from the ground, keeping in mind the performance of a fast and efficient browsing experience for your group.
  • Teatv APK downloads work for you and provide you with free entertainment.
  • Watch online TV shows, HD movies, and other online videos with the TeaTV app.
  • The fastest streaming in 1080p HD
  • Unlike other apps, TETV apps are for Android, Windows, MacOS, and Sticks.
  • It also helps you find new movies online.
  • You can download unlimited movies from it.

How to install TeaTV Apk on my PC?

To install the TEA TV Apk for Windows PC using the BlueStacks Emulator, users need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install the BlueStacks emulator from the BlueStacks official website.
  • Open the BlueStacks app.
  • Drag the APK file to install the BlueStacks Emulator window automatically.
  • Open this app and enjoy it.


Q1: Can we run TeaTV on PC?

TEA TV can be run on the PC with the help of Blue Stacks or another emulator of your choice.

Q2: Can I watch direct TV shows on the TeaTV APK?

No, Tea TV Apk does not offer direct TV shows.

Q3: Can I watch offline movies using TeaTV?

Tea TV does not have an offline viewing feature. With an internet connection, you can only stream movies and TV shows.

Q4: What can I see on TeaTV?

If you are looking for something to see, the chances are that you will find it on TV. The selection of available content is constantly increasing, so there is always something new to look at.

Q5: Is TeaTV illegal?

The content of TeaTV APK is copyrighted, which is illegal.

Q6: Is TeaTV free to use?

Yes TeaTV APK is absolutely Free.


The app is easy to use and has a vast repository of movies and TV shows. It is easy to install on Android devices. Once you download the TEATV APK, install it. This app has many features you are looking for in streaming applications.TeaTv is the best choice for online movie watching for free, anywhere, anytime.

I hope you get the latest version of TeaTV and have already started searching for your favorite movies and web series.

TeaTV is one of the best online streaming apps to watch films, TV shows, direct channels, TV seasons, and more. Users can download the videos later and see them without an internet connection.

TeaTV is a multi-param app that offers almost all modern films and TV shows. These app sources often include the web for media content and streams, including open loads, streaming, Wazee, Google, and more.